What You Should Know About ASEA Water

You might not know this yet but your body is one of the best instruments in the world. It consists of bones that are highly durable. The digestive system of our body contains acids that can dissolve even the toughest minerals. Each of our kidneys contain more than a million filters to clean more than 1 liter of blood every minute. About sixty thousand miles of blood vessels run through the human body. Every minute, millions of cells die and billions more are produced every day. The human body never retires which is why a company known as ASEA researches on supplements to help it work better.

Understanding the Technology of ASEA

ASEA started as a small cellular technology company founded by Verdis Norton more than 20 years ago. Verdis Norton, along with other researchers, explored a certain mechanism in the human body called redox signalling molecules, which are basically the cell’s email system. Unfortunately, the explorations stopped when the company got bankrupt a few years later. But because Verdis has high hopes for the research, he talked with his business partners and brought the company back to life.

Verdis gathered some of the finest scientists in the medical industry to work under his company. They were trying to find a way to reproduce redox signalling molecules outside the body of a human being. After prolonged research and countless trials, the ASEA Water was produced.

The ASEA Water is a natural health supplement that is intended for everyone, regardless of age. A bottle of ASEA Water contains good amounts of cell signalling molecules that your body utilizes in communicating on a cellular level. The company creates the technology by taking natural salt and purified water and reorganizes them into redox signalling molecules. Each bottle of water contains Renu 28 that is proven to enhance vitality and well-being in the human body.

It has been under intensive research and trials and show to help affect the body in the following ways:

1. It can maintain a healthy inflammatory response.
2. It improves the body’s immune system.
3. It helps sustain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity.
4. The gut health is improved by inducing the production of digestive enzymes.
5. It helps promote wellness and vitality in the human body.

This breakthrough technology enhances communication of the redox signalling molecules in your body, signalling better performance. With enough signalling molecules in your body, more healthy new cells are produced. This is the only product that is proven to contain redox signalling molecules today. The recommended dosage of this supplement for optimum results is 4 ounces of ASEA water a day. If you want a healthier body, you should consider using ASEA Water starting today.

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